My relationship with trees in cities

estimated reading time: 2 minutes I used to ignore trees, probably I still do most of the time. But when for brief moments I happen to be near them, I feel protected, I see hope in them. I was once jogging around the Island for some minutes, which happened to be tiring, so I decided to stop and take a sort of nap, having had … Continua a leggere My relationship with trees in cities

The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Willy was a very common spider: brown, with long legs and lighter dots on his back. He used to live with his family above the vending machines of the pier “San Zaccaria B”; from there, he could see everyday fleets of people moving under him: colours, voices, and sounds left him speechless. One foggy night, though, a finger was pointed … Continua a leggere The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

“Wait, is this a glitch?”

estimated reading time: 3 minutes 8/5/2040 I sit on my couch, take my VR goggles and put them on. Mechanically, I log in to my account. “Welcome back, Elisa. Where do you wanna go today?” the machine spoke, gently but with a metallic aftertaste. I scroll through the possibilities and put a blanket on.  Paris? Nah, been there too often.  New York? Too busy, I … Continua a leggere “Wait, is this a glitch?”

The Dancer in the Wind

estimated reading time: 4 minutes I was looking at the sunset, leaning on the iron handrail next to the platform, in San Servolo. The waves, slow, long waves, crushed gently on the stone stairs a few feet from me, descending in the sea. They rode up a few steps, slipped away, on the moss, and crushed back again, at the same slow rhythm.  “Beautiful sunset, … Continua a leggere The Dancer in the Wind

Lorenzo Quinn’s Hands: the meaning of willpower

Two large hands emerging from Grand Canal, right in front of Ca’ Sagredo: an artwork by Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian artist, for the Venice Art Biennale 2017, and unveiled on May 13 last year. These giant hands present us with the idea of power: a force that can destroy but, at the same time, create and sustain, as the artist himself declared. The work of … Continua a leggere Lorenzo Quinn’s Hands: the meaning of willpower