Sant’Elena: nel segno della croce

Tempo di lettura: 10 minuti La laguna veneziana è un luogo che è sempre stato in movimento, se così si può dire: nel corso dei secoli ha perennemente subito da un lato le variazioni croniche dell’ecosistema della gronda lagunare, dall’altro gli uomini che l’hanno abitata l’hanno trasformata in molteplici modi. Se è risaputo che furono numerosi i monasteri delle varie isole o delle propaggini lagunari … Continua a leggere Sant’Elena: nel segno della croce

(In)visible cities: Troubles of Time in Venice

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes “Attenzione! Attenzione!… Permesso!” With two grocery bags in hand, a backpack of books, and a laptop, I dashed through crowds of tourists in San Marco square over three bridges to catch the 8:30 PM vaporetto back to San Servolo. It was the first time in three weeks I miraculously managed to catch this Tuesday vaporetto. I usually finish classes at … Continua a leggere (In)visible cities: Troubles of Time in Venice

(In)visible cities: Long Way Home

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes “Seven bridges. Seven bridges to get to San Marco”. There was a time, not so many years ago, when my childish little legs could not bear the weight of the steps of the seven bridges leading from Via Garibaldi, where home is, to St Mark’s Square via the strip of concrete called – perhaps ominously – Riva dei Sette Martiri. … Continua a leggere (In)visible cities: Long Way Home

My relationship with trees in cities

estimated reading time: 2 minutes I used to ignore trees, probably I still do most of the time. But when for brief moments I happen to be near them, I feel protected, I see hope in them. I was once jogging around the Island for some minutes, which happened to be tiring, so I decided to stop and take a sort of nap, having had … Continua a leggere My relationship with trees in cities

The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Willy was a very common spider: brown, with long legs and lighter dots on his back. He used to live with his family above the vending machines of the pier “San Zaccaria B”; from there, he could see everyday fleets of people moving under him: colours, voices, and sounds left him speechless. One foggy night, though, a finger was pointed … Continua a leggere The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

“Wait, is this a glitch?”

estimated reading time: 3 minutes 8/5/2040 I sit on my couch, take my VR goggles and put them on. Mechanically, I log in to my account. “Welcome back, Elisa. Where do you wanna go today?” the machine spoke, gently but with a metallic aftertaste. I scroll through the possibilities and put a blanket on.  Paris? Nah, been there too often.  New York? Too busy, I … Continua a leggere “Wait, is this a glitch?”