The Dancer in the Wind

estimated reading time: 4 minutes I was looking at the sunset, leaning on the iron handrail next to the platform, in San Servolo. The waves, slow, long waves, crushed gently on the stone stairs a few feet from me, descending in the sea. They rode up a few steps, slipped away, on the moss, and crushed back again, at the same slow rhythm.  “Beautiful sunset, … Continua a leggere The Dancer in the Wind

Lorenzo Quinn’s Hands: the meaning of willpower

Two large hands emerging from Grand Canal, right in front of Ca’ Sagredo: an artwork by Lorenzo Quinn, an Italian artist, for the Venice Art Biennale 2017, and unveiled on May 13 last year. These giant hands present us with the idea of power: a force that can destroy but, at the same time, create and sustain, as the artist himself declared. The work of … Continua a leggere Lorenzo Quinn’s Hands: the meaning of willpower

A Venetian Story: The Butcher of Venice

This is a story of a long time ago, full of darkness and full of terror. In those years, the city of Venice was always covered by a thick layer of mist. Still, people used to carry on their lives without reckoning with what was going on around them. Merchants were busy with their trading, priests and monks were focused on collecting golden treasures and … Continua a leggere A Venetian Story: The Butcher of Venice

Brodskij in Venice

The famous poet Josif Brodskij had a special relationship with our marvellous city, Venice. He dedicated to his favorite city the best prose that he wrote: Watermark (in Italian, Fondamenta degli Incurabili). He was born in Leningrad, but due to his ideas he had been exiled and thus spent many years travelling around the world. During this period he visited Venice over 17 times, but always … Continua a leggere Brodskij in Venice