10 libri per una prospettiva diversa

tempo di lettura: 5 minuti 1. Vite di nove ipocondriaci eccellenti – Brian Dillon Traduzione di Alessandra Castellazzi. Il Saggiatore, 2020. Ai tempi del COVID, la maggior parte di noi ha riscoperto le proprie tendenze ipocondriache latenti. Il libro di Dillon è un bel modo di rimettere in prospettiva l’ipocondria: raccontando le fobie di nove tra artisti, scienziati, letterati, ed eccellenze di vario genere, Dillon … Continua a leggere 10 libri per una prospettiva diversa

Scent of wisteria

estimated reading time: 3 minutes It was an ordinary spring day in San Servolo. As he used to do every single day, Giacomo was slowly walking from his room to the café, yearning for his usual after-lunch cup of coffee. Absently looking at the shy buds that peeped from the yawning trees, he suddenly realised that everything around him was slowly waking up from its winter slumber. Soon, … Continua a leggere Scent of wisteria

The Wisteria Bush and the Bee

estimated reading time: 3 minutes On San Servolo island, spring is the most wonderful time of the year. The calm water mirrors the clear sky and the daylight lasts until dinner time. Flowers of all kind blossom around and daisies reappear on the fresh grass after winter, in which all kind of small animals and insects spread around. As it happens every year, the huge … Continua a leggere The Wisteria Bush and the Bee

The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Willy was a very common spider: brown, with long legs and lighter dots on his back. He used to live with his family above the vending machines of the pier “San Zaccaria B”; from there, he could see everyday fleets of people moving under him: colours, voices, and sounds left him speechless. One foggy night, though, a finger was pointed … Continua a leggere The very ordinary tale of Willy the spider

The anthill

estimated reading time: 3 minutes In the Venice lagoon, there are many small islands, some of them are now abandoned, some others are now luxurious hotels, San Servolo, however, is different. On San Servolo island a lot of students live and study in this magical place. I was one of the 50 students living there. It was 2020. That year we noticed something strange. Every … Continua a leggere The anthill