“Wait, is this a glitch?”

estimated reading time: 3 minutes


I sit on my couch, take my VR goggles and put them on. Mechanically, I log in to my account. “Welcome back, Elisa. Where do you wanna go today?” the machine spoke, gently but with a metallic aftertaste. I scroll through the possibilities and put a blanket on. 

Paris? Nah, been there too often. 

New York? Too busy, I need some peace after this stressful day. 

Maybe Malibu beach? Ugh, I really don’t feel like being on a beach today. Way too sunny.

San Servolo? Nah.. Wait, what is that? “San Servolo” I read out loud. That’s new, that destination was not unlocked last week. “Must be a software update” I mumble. On the cover, I see trees, the big kind, those that envelop you with their green light. A soft ray of sunshine filtered through the leaves, creating a fairy atmosphere. “You know what? Why not?” I am not one to love trees and green nature, but let’s give it a try

“San Servolo: destination selected.” says the metallic voice. 

“There we go”, I think. I close my eyes, and the second I reopen them, I am standing on soft grass. I can see a building in front of me, hiding itself among the trees. I look right, and see water, not “sea” water, not “blue caraibic water”, more like “I wouldn’t put a finger in this water without risking toxic contamination” water. The sky, though, seemed to be burning, clouds of pink, red, purple, blue, orange filled the air, and reflected on the water, making it look way more acceptable. I take a breath and almost can smell the air filled with green. It truly smells like chlorophyll. I look around again, I can see the blue part of the sky, the one that gets darker and darker while the rest of the sky is busy with colors of sunset. I take a step and walk towards the building, while I can feel the humid hair on my skin. Wait. 

Am I WALKING? This shouldn’t be happening, I am just wearing VR goggles… I touch my face: no goggles, just my sweating face. 

Okay, so it’s happening. I have been transported. I am one of the 1% of users that experienced the bug in the software. Great. Now what? I start to panic. 

I rush through the garden, I run to that building. “Edificio Maestrale” speaks a tag on the front door. I don’t even speak Italian, or whatever language that is. I push the door with all my forces and… 


You know, I have often thought about calling the custom service and let them know that I had been transported and that the bug does indeed exist. But I am still here. This is my home now, San Servolo is where I am. I have been transported, so what? There must be a reason for that. I am one with these big intimidating trees, I enjoy the way water flows, even if I still wouldn’t put a single finger in it. The sunsets are the most magical ever seen. Honestly, I am just lucky. 1% of probabilities must mean something, right? 

And no, I will never use VR goggles again. I am gonna stay here, in San Servolo, no software update, no virtual imagination. Just me.


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