Midnight Sun

One more time the black-browned Knight
Whose ebony armour no light reflects
And whose starry eyes no shadow cast
Here comes to knock on my open door
Thus he enthralls me with his gloomy stare
In his dark complexion I lose myself
As though crawling upon the remains of ignited bonfires or
Wading through the sombre cinders of a forgotten blaze

Stardust spills from his glaring eyes
Two stars torn away from the firmament
Glimmer like two pearly moonstones
Their abode remains the canopy of Heaven
For they long to shine once more
Upon the fading of a fair day
Sending away the last vanishing sunshine
Till glowing for the victory of their Queen
Majestic in her milky vibrancy whilst she illuminates the obscurest recesses of after dusk

The Knight kneels down to implore me
He begs me to unclose the gates of slumber
To contemplate the Night slowly falling from above
Diana is not to give in to the light, bidding
The whole Realm of hers to reunite
Against her despised kinsman, Apollo
He will not defeat her indefatigable lunar army
He will not sweep away the holy moonshine of hers

The battle begins,
Dark or Light? Morn or night?
Fire, Air, Earth and Water blur
Into one undefined element: Chaos
Thus Mount Olympus crumbles away
An ancestral feud bids the Earth to stop
Its due course of rotation and revolution
The ground trembles as the atavic dispute
Comes to the final dismiss

Diana, the Queen of Darkness, shines high and triumphant
Two brighter stars stand out from the prying eyes of Heaven
The two missing bodies return to their astral Home
Parting from the pitch-black visage of the valiant Knight
Who finally dissolves into ethereal evanescence

The King of Light, Apollo forfeits the heavenly throne
No sunlit clouds will ever shake the stardust off the Heavenly Vault
No scorching day shall melt the chilled breath of the sleepless Night
There’s no such a thing as the grand splendour
Of the one and only Midnight Sun
Casting its moony glare upon

Di Italo Ferrante


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