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If We Were Music #2 – If Giuseppe Were Music

di Giuseppe Grispino

Secondo Episodio della rubrica “If we were music”, dove proviamo a raccontarci tramite una breve playlist, che trovere in fondo all’articolo.

Soul soundtracks in the life of a not-so-ordinary young boy.

While choosing the right songs that would fit this playlist, I imagined composing a playlist that would describe, using my favourite soul artists, the last few year of my life. Therefore, I decided to pick up those songs that, in my opinion, I would choose as the soundtracks for an emotional movie that retells my life.

I decided to start with playlist with A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke. This song reminds me of the early years of my life that I spend in Sicily and the constant need to learn, discover and embrace change.

I look to you is the song that reminds me of the early stages of me living far from my family, away from my loved once, while struggling to build my own identity.

A song for you reminds me of the first time I truly fell in love with someone and the need to dedicate everything I had to this person. 

I didn’t know my own strength is perhaps the song that best describes who I am and where I stand in my life. It’s a song that often breaks me down and, at the same time, gives me the strength to face the dark sides of life.

Finally, At last is a happy song and the one that I like to think as the main carrier of my future. To me, At last represents the hope and the consciousness that no matter how many challenges I have faced, the person that I am today is definitely the person that I was meant to be.


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