VENICELAIDE: an exercise of unconventional storytelling

Change is a process that is getting into all areas of life and constantly influencing our environment. I wouldn’t say that long time ago we were using regular phones instead of smartphones, but nowadays these devices seem so natural. There are plenty of examples of innovations and novelties that change us and our perceptions almost every day. However, most people never thought about how boring and usual travel guidebooks are. They explain how to get from point A to point B, describe the most famous parts of different places and maybe offer some tips for safe and “fun” travelling. Could this improve? Maybe change? To improve our experience and get deeper into the history, legends, stories of the places we visit? Seems so!

Alessandro Cragnolini is a young Italian guy who came up with the idea of the so-called “unconventional storytelling”. The project “Venicelaide” was launched in December last year and so far its way of promotion and learning has interested a lot of people. It tells stories and legends about Venice and Adelaide through photos and videos. Fascinated with amazing places and passionate about photography he decided to share the “secrets” of these cities. “Unconventional stands for both the mode in which I’m transmitting the information to people, that is using photos and videos, and the places I share are usually secret and not ‘on the list’ for most tourists who visit Venice”, explains Alessandro.

Alessandro is attending the Master’s in “International management” in Venice, but next year he is moving to Adelaide in South Australia. However, I had to discover how he came up with this idea and at the question why he had chosen these two cities, the answer was simple. “Venice is the most unique city all over the world with its channels, islands, boats, monuments, palaces, squares, and churches. It is a real ‘open-air-museum’. On the other hand, Adelaide, the prototype of the modern city immersed in a paradisiacal landscape made of beaches, hills, palm trees, animals, sea and sun.” Thus, the most interesting fact is that this project aligns two completely different cities into the same “bucket” and gets the best out of it.

The project is expanding well and Alessandro plans to involve more people in the future. He had some ideas about writing and dedicating an entire blog to these cities and other places he plans to visit. “My objective is not to run a life blog. I don’t want to talk about my personal experience, but to narrate what Venicelaide is. I want to allow people who are in love with Venice and/or Adelaide, or Italy and Australia in general, to see the beauty of these incredible cities and countries, even if hugely different from each other.” points out Alessandro.

At the end I asked him what his favourite part of the city was and he answered “Rio di San Felice”. He said that this small bridge he passes every day makes him stop and think for a minute or few. I agree with him. Things or people who make us stop and think for a while are those worth of our attention and love. I follow his Facebook page and let me tell you, it’s awesome! I can’t wait to see Adelaide edition, because I’m sure I am going to live that city even if I’m miles away.

If you are interested in Venicelaide and have some spare time, check out his page:

di Mirheta Omerovic


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